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Daedalus experience is best described in terms of projects undertaken (click on the tabs to see experience in different sectors).

Cable & Wireless

Advisor to the Director of Strategy on new business development through new telecommunications-based product and services that exploit multimedia and "information superhighway" technologies.


SMEs in Lincolnshire

Business & technology advice to over 60 SMEs in the county of Lincolnshire as part of the county’s economic rejuvenation scheme.


The Cable & Wireless College

Design and development of new Internet/Intranet-based training programmes and systems for production and delivery of education and training courses world-wide. The project includes development of online systems to support a MSc programme in “Operational Telecommunications” (a joint initiative between the C&W College and Coventry University) and a MBA programme (a joint initiative with Henley Management College) as well as online systems to aid project management of the course-development life-cycle.


Cable & Wireless Communications

Strategy for and development of multimedia online learning systems and knowledge base to support the CWC learning programmes. The key aims are to reduce costs, to provide greater flexibility in the learning process and to improve the overall quality of learning within CWC.


Mercury Communications

Advisor on new business development in the areas of multimedia and “information superhighway” technologies.



“Business Planning for Open Markets”

Strategy for and design/development of a training course “Business Planning for Open Markets” – delivered using multimedia and online technologies within Latvia and Estonia. Other participants in this multi-country project include the Cable & Wireless College (UK), Riga Technical University (Latvia) and the University of Tartu (Estonia). The training programme is now being franchised in Eastern Europe.

Ford of Europe

(Marketing Communications Division)

Advisor on the development of a promotional multimedia CD-ROM for the launch of the new "Ka".


Ford of Britain

(Sales & Marketing Division)

Advisor to the Sales and Marketing Director on the use of the Internet and multimedia technologies in customer communications and marketing.


Ford of Europe

Education & Training Programmes Division

Strategy for and management of a project to re-engineer the production and delivery of University and College MSc education programmes into a flexible/distance learning format – supported extensively by multimedia and online systems. The key aims are to reduce the costs of education programmes, to provide greater flexibility in their delivery and to improve the quality of the learning process. The project involves close collaboration with a range of Universities and Henley Management College.


British Rail

"Antics and Semantics"

Design, management and production of a multimedia training programme for improving communications and efficiency in large-scale computer system design.


SMEs in the automotive supply chain

Business improvement advice to a large range of SMEs in the automotive supply chain as part of the work of the Automotive College, Northwest Automotive Alliance and Merseyside Automotive Group.


Merseyside Automotive Group

Research, design, development and implementation of the Merseyside Automotive E-Community – an online environment for supporting trading, communications, sharing and learning by SMEs.

Northwest Automotive Alliance

Design and development of a web-based e-community/portal - building on the portal developed for the Merseyside Automotive Group.


Shell Ventures

Consultancy advice on the development of new multimedia interfaces to aid home-based tele-shopping.



“Defensive Driving”

Design, development and management of an interactive multimedia training programme “Defensive Driving”.



Design, development and implementation of TCP (Technical Career Path - skills assessment) – a management system to support learning and e-learning programmes. The system is designed to support assessment of employee skills and to plan and schedule learning programmes.

Strategy, design and implementation of MOS (Management Operating System)– designed to aid senior management in resource scheduling and planning.


Coats Viyella


Design, development and implementation of ISES (Integrated Sales Environment System) – a sales assistant tool to aid shopping in the high street – including an interior design tool for home furnishings and fabrics.



Advice to the Swedish State Electricity company on the implementation of new multimedia and telecommunications based services.

Daedalus has worked with a wide range of private sector companies from SMEs to large corporations, supporting them in: