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Daedalus experience is best described in terms of projects undertaken (click on the tabs to see experience in different sectors).

The Automotive College

Daedalus helped set-up and run the (virtual) Automotive College – a partnership of UK universities, FE colleges, Government (DTI) and industry (represented by SMMT Industry Forum) - with Daedalus as a partner. The aim of the College was to support SMEs in the automotive supply chain in business/manufacturing improvement programmes that were jointly developed between HE, FE and industry. Daedalus was responsible for information management, ICT and e-learning as well as managing the development of learning materials/programmes.  The Automotive College was later subsumed within the Automotive Academy, which then was integrated into the National Skills Academy for Manufacturing.


Cable & Wireless and The British Library

Daedalus worked to develop a large scale online electronic library application targeted at companies & education institutions in the science and technology based industries. By making use of multimedia and online techniques services were designed to access the Library’s science, technology and medical journal, patent and conference collections.  

The Automotive Academy

In April 2001, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) set up a special task force to evaluate the competitiveness of Britain’s motor industry. Called the Automotive Innovation and Growth Team (AIGT), it published a report in May 2002 and one of its recommendations was to create an Automotive Academy to increase the skills of the UK workforce to global standards. A Project Board and Launch Team has been created and Daedalus joined the Launch Team in October 2003, with a remit to focus on information management and communications strategy – incorporating ICT.


Cable & Wireless and The Open University

Advisor on the development of multimedia and online techniques to aid the production and delivery of distance learning courses (a joint venture with Cable & Wireless). The aim was to reduce costs of OU operations, to increase revenue through the development of new distance learning products and services and to improve the quality of the “distance learning experience

Cable & Wireless, Lattelekom, Riga Technical University, University of Tartu

Strategy for and design/development of a training course “Business Planning for Open Markets” – delivered using multimedia and online technologies within Latvia and Estonia. The training programme is now being franchised in Eastern Europe.

Daedalus has helped set-up a range of education, private sector, government partnerships and supports them in: