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Daedalus has worked for a large range of Government departments and Government agencies, supporting them in:


Daedalus experience is best described in terms of projects undertaken (click on the tabs to see experience in different sectors).

Youth Justice Board

(Home Office)

The Youth Justice Board is part of the Home Office and was set up to advise the Home Secretary on the operation of the youth justice system in delivering its aim to prevent offending by young people. It has established 150 Youth Offending Teams across the UK that comprise multi-discipline teams drawn from the police, educationalists, social workers and prison and probation officers. Daedalus was commissioned by the Chairman to research the needs of the YJB in respect of networking, improved communications between teams and the development of a virtual learning college – and to develop a strategy and implementation programme.


Cabinet Office

Parliamentary Counsel

Research, strategy, policy and implementation of ICT software and management systems for development of Bills and Acts by the Parliamentary Counsel – for the UK Parliament. With increasing pressure for rapid publishing of Bills and Acts of Parliament in many-media (Internet, print, CD-ROM) the Parliamentary Counsel have a need to develop new software and management systems to support their need.

Department of Trade and Industry

Automotive sector

Research into the needs of the UK automotive sector in respect of education, training and the use of new technologies and media. This led to the set-up of the Automotive College (an HE/FE/industry/Government partnership.


The Learning Grid

The Learning Grid aims to promote education programmes and careers in science, technology and engineering – targeted at schools, FE and HE institutions. It has been created to meet the needs of students, teachers and industry by bringing together different programmes and competitions for young people. These activities are all linked to engineering, science, design, technology or mathematics. Several are included as part of the National Curriculum for those subjects. The project included the development of a knowledge management, information management & communications strategy for the Learning Grid and implementation of an online information management & communications platform that will link teachers, pupils and project workers.

Lincolnshire Country Council

Business improvement /technology advice to SMEs

Business improvement, innovation and technology advice to SMEs within the county of Lincolnshire – a strategic initiative by the County Council to improve the business performance and competitiveness of SMEs working as part of a consortium of consultants to deliver consultancy advice to over 600 SMEs throughout the county.


United Nations

Staff Training College (Turin)

Advisor to the United Nations Staff Training College (Turin) on the strategy for and implementation of new technology-enhanced training and education systems and applications. The overall aim of the project is to improve the quality of learning for all the UN agencies and associated bodies.