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Daedalus e-World - Dr Peter Chatterton

The education sector

Daedalus has worked with a wide range of universities and colleges in the UK & Europe on programmes of innovation and change e.g. enhancing curriculum design and delivery to meet the needs and demands of learners and employers in a global digital world. Examples include:

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The government sector

Daedalus has worked with government departments and agencies, supporting them in managing programmes of innovation and change for transformation, e.g.

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The private sector

In the private sector, Daedalus has worked with both SMEs (small & medium sized enterprises) and large corporations on programmes of innovation and business improvement, e.g.

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Daedalus has considerable experience of setting up and facilitating cross-sector partnerships e.g.

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We work with:

Daedalus e-World is a specialist consultancy whose work spans higher & further education, government and the private sector.

We support organisations and cross-sector partnerships in programmes of innovation, change and agile working - using new technologies and media as the catalyst.

Daedalus has been consulting for over 29 years, working with an extensive range of universities, colleges, government departments/agencies & private sector companies and has helped set-up a number of education-industry partnerships.

Dr Peter Chatterton, Principal of Daedalus e-World, has now retired and the business has been closed.

During 2020, Peter will update this web-site with a retrospective of his life as a digital innovator.